High School Presentations

Elaine Pelz works with counselors and art teachers to educate students and parents about the unique characteristics of a visual arts college search. Her presentations and discussions focus on topics critical to a successful search for a creative degree.

Join Elaine at the Columbus Main Library on Thursday, September 14th where she’ll speak with students and parents about the Pathways to an Art Degree. For more information about this specific presentation email Elaine.

Presentation venues range from individual rep visits to art class conversations and large-group interactive arrangements. Presentation topics include:

  • 3 Paths to an Art Degree
    Comparing university, liberal arts, and art college opportunities
  • Why study art? The Benefits of a Creative Degree
  • Take the Stress Out!
    Understanding the Visual Arts College Search
  • Build Your Portfolio:
    Some schools want one, others don’t – Tips for success along the way
  • Get The Most Out of an Arts-centered College Tour
  • Different Schools, Different Majors
    How to compare them

If your high school or middle school is looking to educate students and families about visual arts college options contact Elaine to discuss presentation opportunities.

One thought on “High School Presentations

  1. Elaine – your presentation at Hilliard Darby High School on Tues. Sept. 19th was great! Thank you so much for easing parents’ mind about their students pursuing an art degree. What a relief to know how many art careers and paths are available to those who are artfully skilled.

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