Let’s face facts; navigating the college search process is exhausting and intimidating. And if you’re the parent of an aspiring artist or designer you have even more anxiety-inducing variables to consider. Seemingly endless options and countless decisions can often lead to a deer-in-the-headlights gaze for parents and students alike. Choices about which path to follow and when to follow it aren’t always clear.

Let me be your guide. I can help you and your teen simplify the search process and navigate the choices that lie ahead. I can help you answer:

  • What type of college will be best for my teen; an arts college, liberal arts college, or university? What’s the difference?
  • Where do we begin looking? When should we begin looking?
  • Is close-to-home the best location for my daughter? Or will she have better opportunities farther away?
  • Is a BA or a BFA best for my son? How will each impact his future?
  • How important is a portfolio in the application process?
  • How much will college really cost?
  • What type of a realistic career path will my teen have with a degree in the arts?

I work with college admissions representatives and professors in art and design programs across the country, learning what’s critical to them as they search for their best college candidates. I can help you ask the right questions on campus tours,  understand your teen’s post-graduation options, and much more.

Consulting packages focus on:

  • Individualized Search Strategies
  • Plans To Get You Organized
  • College Comparisons
  • Program Nuances
  • Scholarship Searches

Let’s get started! Contact me and let’s make a plan to help your teen succeed. That leads to the best college fit and a creative career ahead.

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