Meet Elaine

_W1A4423 ACL bio picHi! I’m Elaine, a textile designer, marketer, and life-long lover of college. I created to guide art and design students and their parents as they navigate the college search process. 

When I was a kid we’d take family vacations every summer, mostly driving somewhere in the U.S. Wherever we went, my dad made sure that we visited a college campus. He just loved them. Clearly, I caught his bug.

Since then I’ve graduated with a BA in Textile Design from the University of Washington, created a lot of art, and marketed for a whole bunch of people; architects, designers, and educators among them. I’ve worked with colleges and universities from the inside and out, in recruitment and marketing. Through it all, my heartstrings have always pulled me back to my two loves of art and education. I’ve learned that I’m inspired by creative teens and the endless possibilities they have before them. Helping them find the college that’s right for them is rewarding. I call it their best college fit.

My own background and experiences have taught me that finding the best creative degree requires more research, offers more choices, and leads to more decisions along the way. Consequently, it should start earlier in high school. Through my research, blog posts, and consulting I hope to alleviate stress and act as a beacon of light for families as they search for their best college fit. Contact me and we’ll work on a personalized plan for your teen. I’ll help you discover what you need to know as you search art and design programs across the country.

I look forward to hearing from you!


11 thoughts on “Meet Elaine

  1. oh wow, how very interesting! I love college campuses too and have always wanted to work at one. I’m going to email you shortly since you said “if you have any questions”. I’ll poke around here a little more later….will explain in email. Nice to meet you Elaine!

  2. Hello,

    I am still new to the site, so this was the only way I knew how to contact you, but I am definitely will to talk to you about my art ed program.


  3. Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for stopping by my office today. I look forward to meeting with you in the future to be able to tell you more about Design here at The Ohio State University.


  4. What a great concept for a blog and consulting. Helping students and parents find the perfect college situation is a fantastic way to foster arts and education and I’ll definitely be in touch here when my son is a few years older.

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