Good News For Fine Arts Majors

Boston College

Boston College

OK, here’s the truth: moms and dads worry about their children studying fine arts in college. It’s true. Questions surrounding what type of jobs they’ll obtain after graduation intertwine with concerns about future incomes and lifestyles.

But good news is here.

The Wall Street Journal recently touted opportunities for fine artists in “A Fine-Arts Degree May Be a Better Choice Than You Think.” Specifically, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce studied the satisfaction felt by fine arts graduates, noting that they’re not necessarily starving anymore, and are actually quite content with their chosen career paths.

The article goes on to mention the job opportunities available to fine artists, stating “almost 83% worked the majority of their time in some arts occupation, such as art teaching or in a nonprofit arts organization.” I believe the list of opportunities is even broader. The skills acquired while studying art – in time management, communication, collaboration, and problem solving – result in marketable combinations that large and small businesses clamor for, especially when combined with creativity.

Whether your journey after graduation is one of a working artist or along a different path, the skills you’ll gain majoring in fine arts will remain useful and valuable throughout your life.

Good news and a sigh of relief for mom and dad.

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5 thoughts on “Good News For Fine Arts Majors

  1. Our son Eric is finishing his Fine Arts degree at Western this spring. I’ve always advocated for the Arts – – but not sure where’s he’s going with it. Part of the journey is faith that it’ll all work out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Congrats on having a soon-to-be-graduate! I know from experience that the arts provide you with so many skill sets, beyond putting paintbrush to paper. Your son will utilize them and build on those for the rest of his life. Again, Congratulations!

  2. YES! I graduated from a full time FIne Arts centered Museum school, that did not grant degrees. And when it came time for me to join the workforce I found lots of ways to use my art – even without a degree! Teaching all ages, abilities and disabilities. Now I am teaching artists how to teach using my innovative painting method to bring creating to people who never expected to be able to make art. And the ripples go wider and wider in the pond….FAITH as Alan Harvey mentioned is all it takes

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