O Canada!

canadian flag

This is the second in in a series focusing on financial options and opportunities for art students. 

With the cost of college seemingly forever on the rise, it was no surprise to hear NBC News report recently that the high cost of tuition has many Americans running for the border – the Canadian border.  According to the report a Canadian college education is somewhere between one third and one quarter the cost of a US college education.  Let me repeat that – a Canadian college education runs between one third and one quarter the cost of a US college education.  Those are game changing numbers! 

Canada is home to some outstanding institutions.  According to a 2013 U.S. News & World Report ranking, McGill University and University of Toronto rank in the top 20 higher education institutions in the world.  Other top universities include University of British Columbia (UBC) (45) and McMaster University (152).  Each has a fine arts program.  Degree opportunities include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Media Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Applied Arts, Master of Design, and Master of Media Arts. 

Canada has its share of excellent art schools as well.  Alberta College of Art & Design, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, and Ontario College of Art & Design are the four I researched.  Given their costs, I’d suggest checking them out.  Here’s a small sampling of comparative costs that I found.

Fee Comparison Canada & U.S.

Please note that the costs I’ve identified for Canadian schools are their International rates, listed in Canadian dollars.  The exchange rate right now is pretty even, eliminating calculation juggling.  Also, these comparisons are for tuition only – the single largest portion of a college education.  Other expenses will include room, board, health insurance and additional fees. 

Other financial aid benefits exist for American students in Canada.  They include applying your 529 college savings account, continued eligibility for U.S. Federal Student Aid programs through many Canadian colleges, and potential international scholarships.  I found the Net Price Calculators – or their equivalent – to be quite handy on a number of sites.  UBC, MassArt, and SAIC have them.

After reading this post your search for finding the right art program may have gotten a bit longer.  However if cost is a key decision factor in where you’ll go to school, and you’re up for an adventure I’d suggest giving Canadian colleges some thorough exploration.  Eh?

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