Location, Location, Location

LA palm treesWhere you attend college can have a huge impact on your education.  Are you looking for a small town or urban environment?  Want to be close to mom and dad, or far from them – on the other side of the country.  Wherever you choose to attend school will affect your experience.

But think farther down the road.  Where will you live as a productive artist after graduation?  That’s a tougher question to answer – but one to keep in mind as well.  Whether you find work after receiving a Bachelor’s degree or after completing a Master’s, if art is your world I’d suggest considering schools in the two biggest artistic scenes in the country; namely Los Angeles and New York City.

Connecting with your local art scene is a road to a broader perspective through show opportunities, contacts with other artists and prospective business resources, and just exposure to stuff going on.  You’ll gain from engaging with any city’s art’s community.  However, because of the size and diversity of LA and NYC, you’ll be ahead of the curve if you pursue your BFA or MFA in one of them.

Want to find out more?  Here are a few sources I enjoy to find out what’s going on:

Bill Bush and others post weekly as part of The Huffington Post’s Los Angeles Art Scene coverage.  LA Confidential focuses on the city’s changing art dynamic.  And the Los Angeles Times covers it all – including Hollywood.

For New York, keep up with New York Magazine’s art section, look into the blog NYC Art Scene for interesting exhibits and events taking place in the city, and don’t miss the New York Times Arts Beat blog.

NY taxicabsIn both cities you’ll find large and small programs to suit your needs.  Pratt, UCLA, California Institute of the Arts, and NYU are just the first that come to mind.  Then comes the easy part (ha!).  Do you prefer sunshine and beaches or Broadway and Times Square?

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