Making Movie Magic

The lure of Tinseltown beckons many.  The moving image is something that infiltrates our everyday lives.  The study of it and creation of it is interdisciplinary and international, exposing students to worlds far beyond their classrooms.  Film combines imagination with technical knowledge, telling a story of truth or illusion with art and sound.

On July 25th the Hollywood Reporter announced the 2013 top 25 schools for film studies.  Only the second year of their ranking, the list is international in scope.  No surprise, USC (University of Southern California) came out #1 with AFI (American Film Institute) a close second.  Rounding out the top five are programs at the Beijing Film Academy, UCLA and New York University Tisch School of the Arts.  My suggestion is to consider the entire list for a comprehensive look at stellar programs.  Included are small and large schools alike.

What career options exist with a degree in Film Studies?  Many.   Besides the obvious director and producer are writer, editor, camera operator, cinematographer, grip and many others.  Research the schools listed and you’ll find more variety and opportunities.  An important tip: writing is a critical skill that will help you throughout a film career.  Remember that behind every successful film is a compelling story.

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